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Remembering Hugh Hefner, a Playboy men’s lifestyle magazine publisher and an American icon

Hugh Hefner, a social and cultural pioneer dies at age 96.

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By Tom Okure, Ph.D

Memorable Quote:
"Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream" ~ Hugh Hefner
Hugh M Hefner: Playboy Men’s Lifestyle Magazine Publisher
Hugh M. Hefner, an American icon and a men’s lifestyle magazine publisher who introduced the world to a new brand of magazine in 1953 called Playboy died peacefully on Wednesday September 26, 2017 from natural causes at his Playboy Mansion surrounded by loved ones according to a statement from his spokesperson.

Hugh M. Hefner with son Cooper
The phrase died from natural causes simply and usually means that the deceased individual did not die of foul play, did not commit suicide, and did not die of a drug overdose or accident. In short, the person’s death has been determined to be devoid of any external factors.
Hugh Hefner with playmates

Hugh Hefner founded his famous Playboy magazine at the age of 27 years in 1953. At the pick of the magazines fame in the 1970’s, it is estimated that it was selling more than 7 million copies for a single issue. During the period, Hefner was regularly attacked by feminists groups as exploiting women. The popularity of the magazine led to Hefner amassing a very large fortune in the millions of dollars. Hefner's fortune is also attributable to his later careful cultivation and promotion of his Playboy brand. There are issues over how much Hefner is worth upon his death or who will inherit his fortune.

Hefner with his wife Crystal 60 years his junior.

In 2016 Hefner sold his notorious Playboy mansion to one Darren Metropoulos for an estimated $105 Million dollars, an amount said to be way below its actual value. The mansion is famous for the wild parties that was frequently held there. Hefner continued to live at the mansion until his demise. Hefner was married three times. His last marriage was to one of his play mates Crystal Harris in 2012. Initially she had called off the wedding ceremony in 2011 on the basis of having cold feet. Crystal Harris was 60 years his junior.

During a 2005 appearance on a Larry King show, Hefner indicated that he wanted to be remembered simply as “somebody who had some positive impact on the social sexual values of his time." He was consistent in various interviews with other news outlets such as USA Today about how he liked to be remembered.  He always insisted that he did not care about being remembered for the famous individuals that his magazine interviewed, including Malcolm X, Bette Davis, or the famous Marilyn Monroe which his magazine helped to make a star of.  

Hefner is survived by his wife, Crystal, and four children from his first two marriages. His daughter Christie from his first marriage served as Playboy Enterprise CEO for over 20 years. His other children are David, Marston and Cooper, the latter of whom presently is the chief creative officer at the company. Cooper is the youngest of Hefner's children and is 26 years old. He is a member of the California State Military Reserve and the founder and former CEO of the upstart media company Hop.

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