Friday, July 29, 2016

Execution of Nigerians by Foreign Countries is Appalling

ICMSINC Commentary
July 29, 2016
By Tom Okure, Phd
Execution of Nigerians by Foreign Countries is Appalling and Unacceptable.

Indonesia executed three Nigerians and an Indonesian citizen today for drug related crimes despite the worldwide outcry over the executions. This is not the first time or second time this has happened. While the peddling of illegal drugs is bad and a crime worldwide, executions of drug criminals is not the solution and has not been proven to be a deterrent. The European Union (EU) bands the death penalty and forbides the execution of prisoners. Executions are babaric and has no place in a modern and civilized nation which Indenosia aspires to become.
Indonesian Firing Squads
The Nigerian Government should protest to the Indonesian government over these barbaric execution by a firing squad. At the minimum, the government of Nigeria ought to recall it's ambassador to Indonesia in protest. As we attempt to restructure our economy and government in general, we must standup to decency and reject mistreatment of Nigerians by foreign countries. We cannot have our citizens executed at will by countries likes Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. Life imprisonment is a better option.
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