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Celebrating Exemplary Annang Public Servants of Ikot Ekpene Descent of the Past

Celebrating Exemplary Annang Public Servants of Ikot Ekpene Descent of the Past

Featuring Chief (Hon) Udo Udo Okure, OBE

Chief Udo Udo Okure of Nto Umoton Abatekpe
Chief (Hon) Udo Udo Okure of Nto Umoton Abatekpe family group of Ikot Ekpene was a Public Service Commissioner in the former Eastern Regional Government of Nigeria (1960-67) with its capital in Enugu. He was a top government administrator, adviser and policy maker in the Eastern Nigerian Government.

As Public Service Commissioner, he traveled extensively abroad to recruit and bring back many highly qualified Eastern Nigerians who were living or studying abroad. He recruited, hired and mentored some prominent and renowned public administrators from Ikot Ekpene such as Mr. Asuquo Ekanem of Urukuso and Mr. Isang of Abiakpo etc. who later took up the mantle of top administrators and policy makers in former South Eastern State of Nigeria which later became Cross River State of Nigeria. 

In recognition of his outstanding public service to Nigeria and the former British Colonial Government, Queen Elizabeth 11 of England awarded Chief Udo Udo Okure the high honor award of OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire). The Order of the British Empire recognizes distinguished service to the arts and sciences, public services outside the Civil Service and work with charitable and welfare organizations of all kinds.

After the military coup of January, 1966, which brought an end to civilian rule in Nigeria, Okure was reassigned and appointed as the First non-white Chairman of the then newly created Calabar Cement Company (CALCEMCO) by the then Military Governor of Eastern Nigeria Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu.

Shortly after the liberation of mainland of South Eastern State of Nigeria, Chief Udo Udo Okure was also appointed by the then military Governor of the state, Governor Esuene to serve as the Chairman of the Rehabilitation Committee for Ikot Ekpene. This was the last public service post that Okure held prior to his death. As a result of a conspiracy to get rid of influential Annang tribesmen, Chief Okure and a number of prominent Annang heroes were arrested and detained during a rehabilitation plenary meeting. Okure was subsequently executed while in Nigerian military detention under the instructions of the area military commander Benjamin Adekunle (also known as Black Scorpion during the Biafra Nigerian civil was)

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Benjamin Adekunle popularly known as “Black Scorpion” during the Nigerian Civil War, was Commander of the 3rd  Marine Commando of the Nigeria Military troops during the civil War. Prior to his dead and over a period of more than five years, he had been particularly suffering from various debilitating ailments according to his son, Abiodun Adekunle, but most especially from memory lapses.
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