Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Micro-Enterprise Assistance Program

Many small entrepreneurs regularly take advantage of our expertise and technical assistance to turn their business dreams into business success. ICMS, Inc  helps big and small business owners write winning business plans, review their business operations and determine what constraints may be hindering their successful growth and financial performance. Meet some of our self employment clients:
Richard Bloomquist

Richard Bloomquist owns a sole proprietorship massaging business called Helping Hands (or HH). The business provides a supportive environment for individuals who need massage for its benefits in relaxing and as an alternative treatment to help in the recovery from specific medical conditions and injuries

Louis Vendetti

Louis Vendetti owns a business that creates and sell specialty promotion gifts and souvenir products to individual and business consumers. Customers can choose from a catalog list of over 600,000 specialty products and can have any graphic or image imprinted onto any product or component quickly and inexpensively.

Patricia Tanksle


Patricia Tanksley is self employed and the owner of "The Garden Keys" or (TGK). She owns and operate a flower shop stemming from her passion and love for floral design and gift basket making. She puts together floral designs for friends, relatives and church members for major holidays as well as weddings, anniversaries, and funerals

Dr. Okure and Edward Borowsky

Edward Borowsky is professionally certified as a tool-sharpener. He owns a small business called TEJEM Sharpening Service (or TEJEM). The business sharpens all types of equipment and tool blades such as circular and chain saw blades, clipper blades, carbide equipment, and routers and drill bits.

Dr. Okure and Charles Hartman

Charles Hartman used to be a professional bowler. He now runs a small business called “Chucks Bowling and Sports Emporium” (CBSE) which sells bowling balls and bowling related equipment and supplies, including sports trophies and other types of sports equipment.

Richard Bloomquist and Dr. Okure

Billy Searles owns and operates a small business called Adirondack Woodcrafts. He uses a variety of woodworking tools including saws, sanders, drill sets, hammers, plane and chisel sets to make and sale woodcrafts such as birdhouses, picnic tables, business signs and a variety of holidays gift products based on catalog designs.

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Corporate Business Partnership Opportunity

We are seeking committed corporate business partners to further our business cause of helping the self-employed grow and sustain their business passion. Donate to a good cause and get exposure for community service. Support our Micro-Enterprises Assistance Program by sponsoring a business evaluation for a small business owner today.

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