Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Job Placement and Work Readiness Services

ICMS, Inc is part of an Employment Network with a direct link to many national and reputable employers seeking job applicants to fill vacancies in their firms/organizations as the need arises.

Dr. Tom Okure, CEO ICMS, Inc
We provide vocational assessment services designed to improve the likelihood that an individual planning to obtain and maintain competitive employment in the job market or an individual seeking self-employment as a vocational goal will be successful. Our evaluation reports are detailed and describe each referred individuals skills, recent level of vocational functioning, potential qualifications for an open market job, and areas of interests and characteristics which may enable the individual to succeed in a work environment.

We also perform assessments for self-employment. Self-employment is best suited for individuals who have owned or operated a business in the past or who require a work setting or schedule that they can control. Self-employment is also suitable as a vocational closure for an individual when the competitive labor market is tight and placement of the person is unlikely. Even more important, the person should have a good marketable idea.

Before you can actually obtain our service, we work with you to develop an Individual Work Plan (IWP). We also provide you with a comprehensive explanation of the services we offer and explain to you your rights and our expectations in working with you to return to the Job Market. We service all types of clients from highly educated individuals with specialized technical skills to individuals with moderate entry level job skills that may need individualized coaching/work readiness assistance in order to return to the job market. All the information you need to get started is incorporated into an IWP information sheet and teaming agreement.

If you are out of work and need job leads and placement assistance, email us and ask to complete our IWP/teaming agreement form. As soon as we receive your filled out IWP form, we process your application and start providing you with job readiness and placement assistance. To get started email us with your questions and discuss your technical assistance needs.

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