Sunday, March 20, 2011


ICMS, Inc offers expert advice and the insight and experience you need to revitalize your local economy, or improve the efficiency and viability of your programs and agencies.  We have cultivated a reputation for providing high quality, objective and well-thought out solutions to our clients in the area of economic (urban) revitalization, institutional development, program planning and evaluation, human resources training and development etc. 

We can serve as your Master Servicing Agent (MSA) for your federally funded or state sponsored programs, especially economic revitalization programs such as the Micro enterprise Assistance Program (MAP).  Our services as MSA range from designing of appropriate management and administrative systems for general program operation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting to process re-engineering, and developing networking and outreach elements for your program.  We can help you identify funding sources and capitalization arrangements, or simply evaluate the effectiveness of your existing state or federally supported grant programs.  At ICMS, we are committed to providing you excellent service backed by the integrity, knowledge and responsiveness that our clients expect from us. If you think your organization or agency can benefit from the services of a Master Servicing Agent (MSA) for your federally funded or state sponsored programs, please email us with your questions and discussion on how we can provide you with the technical assistance you need.

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