Saturday, March 19, 2011

Business Planning and Assessment Services

At Inter-Continental Management Systems, Inc (ICMS, Inc) we provide a broad range of business and management consulting services in addition to a host of other technical assistant support services. Our services are designed to help simplify the complex managerial and technical problems that our clients face in their daily operations.

At ICMS, Inc "the success of your business is our business" and we seek to build a lasting relationship with you and your organization that will be a foundation to your continued business growth and success.  Below is an overview of our customized business planning and assessment services:

Custom Made Business Plan

If you fail to effectively plan for your business success, you are planning to fail in your business venture. At ICMS, Inc we specialize in developing custom business plans for new startups and expanding businesses. At your request, we will work with your company to develop a comprehensive business plan that will be ready for the review of your investors in a timely manner.

Planning ahead is not an easy process especially because you cannot readily get a feedback as to its value. Nevertheless, when you start planning for the success of your business, the objective and advantages of planning become clearer. Planning enables you to deal with unforeseen circumstances that may suddenly plunge your business into a sudden difficult situation through no fault of your own. Planning for all types of eventualities that may confront your business allows you to deal with them in a rational manner and still reach your objective in spite of temporary setbacks. On the other hand, failure to plan can spell disaster or bankruptcy for your business.

Planning to meet the funding requirements of your lenders and the unique circumstances of your company is a complex process. Developing a customized business plan requires an unwavering commitment of time and effort from everyone involved in the process. Our objective in any business planning engagement is to provide you with a quality business plan that will please you and your investors and mirror your unique operational circumstance. To achieve this goal, we have to create an effective partnership and working relationship with your firm that merges your business vision and experience with our expertise and insight to produce a winning business plan document for you.

Irrespective of the size or stage of your firm or the amount of capital you are seeking, we guarantee that we can tailor our experience and expertise to help your company to develop an effective plan. If you think you or your firm can benefit from developing a customized business plan, email us with your questions and a price quote for technical assistance.
Assessment and Review of Existing Business Plan

If your lender or investors have recently rejected your business loan application, your business plan may be flawed and needs to be reworked and strengthen before you reapply for funding from another lender. ICMS, Inc can review your existing plan and give you expert advice and ideas on ways to turn your existing plan into an effective plan. Our technical consultants will read your plan from cover to cover and make blunt and insightful recommendations to help you improve your plan to meet the expectation of your bank and investors. Our reviews include the following:
·        We provide a blunt critique and thorough analysis of each section of your business plan with substantive suggestions for improvement.
·        We ask probing questions to stimulate your thinking on various aspects of the plan that may need clarification from your investors.
·        We provide useful insights and suggestions to enable you to be well prepared to successfully defend your plan before your lenders and investors.
·        We edit your document and provide technical write-up of sections that need critical improvement to make your business plan arguments more effective.
·        We restructure sections of the plan document that are weak to strengthen your presentation.
·        We design an impressive cover page for your plan and provide you with binding assistance to ensure your document has a professional look.

If you think you or your firm can benefit from a thorough assessment of your existing plan, don't hesitate to email us with your questions and a price quote for technical assistance.

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