Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Zimbabwe's Strongman President Robert Mugabe resigns after 37 years rule

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By Tom Okure, Ph.D
President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe finally bows to pressure and resigns after 37 years of rule. In his resignation letter and statement, Mugabe indicated that he resigned voluntarily in order to ensure a smooth transition of power in the country.
Zimbabwe is in Southern Africa and is a landlocked country. The country is renowned for its dramatic scenery and diversified collection of wildlife within its protected parks, reservations and safari areas.
There was jubilation among lawmakers upon the reading of the resignation letter from the president and spontaneous celebrations erupted in the streets of Harare the capital on the news of Mugabe's formal resignation. There was expression of hope, excitement, optimism, honking of car horns in the streets among the residents of Harare.
President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe

Mugabe who is 93 years old has been trying to cling to power despite fierce resistance from his opponents over the past week, during which time the military partially took over power and Mugabe was expelled from his own ZANU-PF ruling party and put under house arrest with his wife.
The parliament this morning (November 21, 2017), had begun a legal process to impeach Mugabe after he failed to meet the dateline yesterday (November 20, 2017), imposed by the ZANU-PF ruling party for him to resign. The sudden announcement by Mugabe halted the impeachment hearing that had been initiated by parliament against him.

Celebrations in the streets after Robert Mugabe resigns.....Watch video

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